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Housing + jobs proximity
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Brooklyn, New York

Completed by  Jeffrey Raven, while
Director - Downtown Brooklyn Plan, Regional Plan Association
Downtown Brooklyn Plan, Regional Plan Association, NYC

Planning for Downtown Brooklyn as a key initiative within the Regional Plan Association Third Regional Plan for the New York Metropolitan Area Regional Plan due to its potential as a successful urban center.  While this CBD with more than a quarter million workers and visitors, serving a population of 2.3 million Brooklyn residents has all the ingredients that a strong downtown needs, its image and assets are fragmented so that the whole is less than the sum of its parts. 

Project goals: 
  • Strengthen Downtown’s overall civic identity through improvement of the public realm—transportation gateways, street character, linkages, vistas;
  • Identify development opportunities for vacant and soft sites, and older office buildings;
  • Improve links between education, cultural, commercial and transportation assets;
  • Propose public/private strategies to foster long-term economic development. 

The planning process was a partnership between region-wide civic organization and local leadership to engage key stakeholders in the process.  Project responsibilities: 
  • Conceive and manage overall planning process, schedule, milestones; oversee project finances; coordinate project with key stakeholders.  
  • Lead a series of public workshops, make public presentations, represent the project to the press, garner public and financial support for the effort, and initiate academic programs. 
  • Principal author of  project publications and graphicwide leadership.
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