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Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
Increase range of housing options
Create and enhance a vibrant mix of uses
Create/enhance open space
Enhance pedestrian character and access
Strengthen community character
Leverage school investment to create new mixed-use activity center
Share parking within new plaza to strengthen public realm

Montclair, New Jersey

Completed by  Jeffrey Raven, urban designer, Berger Group Holdings
Montclair is a historic township within the “inner-ring” New York Metropolitan Area. 

Public/private strategies to foster long-term, sustainable economic development for district-wide “Areas in Need of Redevelopment”, and design solutions to improve the quality of the built environment and public realm. Once adopted, the plan becomes a legislative ordinance. Urban design responsibilities include directing the multi-disciplinary planning and design process, public presentations, 3-D visualization and design strategies.

Fostering the concept of School as a “community center” to better link this key civic institution in the life of the neighborhood.

Leveraging new public school investment on Elm Street to stimulate broader neighborhood and commercial rehabilitation.

Establishing incentives for inclusionary housing development compatible with the scale of the neighborhood and marketable to transit users.
Parking initiatives such as shared parking, transit-friendly parking requirements.

Zoning/land use ordinance focus on quality, sustainable commercial and residential uses.
Sustainable design strategies, including planted shared courtyard over parking and “daylighting” culverted streams in Town Center.

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