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Urban Design
Planning + development

Walkable streets
GIS-based environmental analysis
Pedestrian-friendly districts
Urban infill
Historic preservation
Urban heat island mitigation
Schools, services, parks proximity
Adaptive re-use
Connected green zones
Compact development
Diversity of uses + housing types
Infrastructure proximity
Housing + jobs  proximity
Capacity building

Completed by  Jeffrey Raven, while
Director - Doha Capitol City Plan
at the Louis Berger Group
The establishment of a comprehensive integrated planning framework through the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the physical development of the State of Qatar, the Capital Region, and the Capital City.  Includes economic development, transportation, land use policies, development standards, design guidelines and urban design proposals for key sites. 

The GIS-based, state-of-the-art PDP maximizes the search, retrieval and analytic features of the GIS, relying to a large extent on the GIS’s ability to link and interrelate spatial, non-spatial and text data within a single planning system. The PDP incorporated six distinct, but inter-related components--current and proposed physical development patterns, land use, community facilities, transportation, utilities and the environment in an interactive framework. The multidisciplinary team included spatial planners, urban designers, economists, transport planners, traffic management specialists, environmentalists, architects and financial planners in a carefully integrated planning process.

The PDP simultaneously addressed the country’s physical planning needs at four geographic levels: the National and Regional Physical Development Plan, the Greater Doha

Task Highlights:
Planning process direction, coordination with key government officials; detailed plans for a number of key districts and publish the results; directing workshops for senior staff Transition Team to run the GIS-based plan. 

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