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Constanza, Romania

Completed by Jeffrey Raven, Project Co-Director
Strategic plan + capacity-building, constanza, romania
Balancing Development & environment
Project Co-Director
Following the collapse of communism, Romania identified an urgent need to develop expertise among key government urban planners and economists to formulate comprehensive urban development strategies in a market-based society.  The Soros Foundation, the City of Constanza and a Romanian NGO launched a strategic planning project for the ancient city of Constanza, now Romania’s principal port on the Black Sea.

The project was designed to accomplish two inter-related objectives:
- Provide a practical skill based learning experience for participants, and implement a strategic planning process with the City of Constanza, with emphasis on preservation and development. 
- Increase participant knowledge and skills in a strategic approach to urban planning and public decision-making.
- Field test a project manual for use in future workshops and consultancies.
- Facilitate development of action plans, based on a strategic planning process for the City of Constanza and the jurisdictions of organizations represented by workshop participants.

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